As the date carved on the herald on the main entrance of the building shows , Palazzo Telesio was built by the Antonacci family in 1761.

Palazzo Antonacci Telesio looks over the white and bright Piazza Quercia, close to the sea.  The building is structured over several floors: the underground, the atrium, the first, or “noble” floor, still hosting the Dukes Telesio di Toritto, the second floor, where today are located the 13 rooms, Classic, Junior Suites and Junior Suites Superior of the Marè Resort SPA and the terrace. It is interesting to know that before  the restructuring to realize the hotel nobody had ever lived in the second floor.  Actually there were no stairs to get there, being it concerned only as an air space buffer to keep the noble floor fresh in the summer and warm in the winter as the height of the rooms shows: they change in accordance to the different height of the rooms of the first floor. The Palace was enlarged on the east side after the demolition of the walls built under Frederich of Swabia and was deeply modified in 1845 in accordance to the project of the architect Luigi Castellucci di Buonto, which made the main façade closer to the neoclassical style. The real surpising thing of the Palace is the Museum of Coaches.